creme hair care detangling spray

Knot a problem?

Part of a hairdresser’s daily routine is combing or brushing out knotty hair, as you can imagine it takes up a lot of time. So what do we do about that little problem? We use products to make it go away!

Hair starts getting knotty when the condition deteriorates, either just by normal oxidation over a long period of time as the hair grows and gets long or due to being chemically treated.

The hairs cuticle gets damaged and becomes uneven and rough, the hair then starts getting stuck together as it’s not smooth anymore. There are a multitude of products to prevent this from happening and to repair it if it has already happened.

So after years of hairdressing, I came up with my own easy solution, leave in spray on conditioner, it conditions, protects and detangles the hair in one simple step.

I love using Creme hair care’s detangling spray, it’s nice and light, so it doesn’t weigh the hair down. It repairs the hairs internal structure thus strengthening the hair.  It also smooths the cuticle layer so you end up with swishy, shiny, tangle-free hair that’s protected from heat and the elements.

It’s something that everyone with long hair needs, I use it on every client, because who doesn’t want hair in a better condition? So… got knotty hair? Get some detangling spray!